Three Years Ago Today…

Happy Anniversary to me! Chasing Truth, Catching Hell turns 3 years old today. Year 3 will begin with a different tone and focus. The theme of the blog won’t change, but the style will be more fiction and less polemic. I’ve enrolled in a creative writing class (online, open to all) from the University of Iowa to expand my skills as a writer. I am now trying my hand at short scenes and stories, some of which I will share in the near future. I have noticed more than one literary-minded person follow Chasing Truth within the past year; I would love to hear your honest feedback on what you read.

Wish me luck,

Norm DeGuerre

6 thoughts on “Three Years Ago Today…

    1. Oh, honey. Fiction can get those emotions across so much better than non-fiction, when done well. And Norm shows every indication of being able to do that well.
      Trust me. It’ll be fine.

  1. Norm I’m going through the same evolution. Good luck. There are certain liberties you can take with friction that drive a point home without the dangers of it being tracked back to a specific event.

  2. Good luck my fellow blogger. I am looking for inspiration for writing very short shorts dialogue on mental health issues. You may be some kind of muse to me in the future . One more follower.

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